Saturday, May 10, 2008

Chasing Spinelli

Many General Hospital fans are enjoying the growing relationship between Maxie Jones and Damien Spinelli. On the surface, this seems to be the story of a geeky guy falling for a beautiful girl that is well beyond his romantic reach. In truth, Maxie has been the pursuer all along.

Let's review: Initially, Spinelli and Maxie bonded over their shared grief over Georgie's death. Maxie went to Spinelli to help her find the Text Message Killer (TMK), even though computer skills were not initially required. WHY? She could have confided her concerns to any number of people, including Robin, Lucky, Cruz, Sam, or even Nik.

After the TMK was caught, Maxie still kept coming back for more Spinelli, and when he cold busted her on it, she got up and left in a huff...only to CALL HIM later that same day. In fact, even when Spinelli is busy with someone else or doing something else, it is Maxie approaching him, sitting down at his table, tagging along, etc. And, on Valentine's night, she sat at a table alone in Kelly's waiting on Spin to come back from helping Jason.

Recently, Maxie literally hunted Spinelli down at the hospital, and the first words out of her mouth were, something about all the many messages she had been leaving him, and why hadn't he returned her calls. She wasn't just passing through the hospital and ran into Spin, she was actively hunting him down because he had not been returning her calls. All these years Maxie has managed her life and affairs without technical computer assistance 24/7, and now she can't seem to get enough of it.

How many times has Spinelli called Maxie? Twice that we can confirm. The first time Spin took the initiative to call Maxie was when he got rolled and stripped naked. And, she quickly came to his rescue, and told him how "cool" he looked in his new suit, and she couldn't keep her hands off his hair. The second time we know Spinelli called Maxie was shortly after Michael was shot, and Spin was trying to establish a timeline involving Kate.

Maxie has been vulnerable with Spinelli, opening up and telling him things about herself we have never heard Maxie say to anyone...friend or lover. Physically, Maxie was the one who started moving in closer and closer until Spinelli has gradually become more comfortable with having his "personal bubble" invaded. You can see the progression of this physical proximity in scene after scene, including when she got on her knees in the chapel with him. Now Maxie is exchanging sips of Spinelli's orange soda and quite regularly initiating hugs and little kisses with little or no provocation or warning.

Consciously or not, Maxie uses hypotheticals to find out how Spinelli really feels. Anybody who has had a few rides on the "young love" merry-go-round knows darn well those questions Maxie was asking Spin in the sewer about what Spin would do if he were with someone and Lulu wanted him...those were questions Maxie wanted the answer to for herself.

As "take charge" as Maxie is, neither Maxie nor any woman for that matter, likes to be shut down or rejected by a guy. Maxie has been unsure of what Spinelli feels for her. For example, in a scene at Kelly's, Maxie told Spinelli she thought he "hated her guts." Plus, Maxie must be aware that she has been the one making the majority of the overtures both before and after the TMK was captured. Maxie may also be concerned that Spin still has feelings for Lulu. She has raised that issue to Spin on several occasions and has demonstrated possessiveness of Spinelli in front of Lulu, including planting a huge kiss on Spinelli right in front of Lulu. As upfront about her feelings as Maxie is, I can't imagine Maxie would put it all out there for Spin if she had a moment's concern that he still had feelings for Lulu.

Finally, Maxie may not yet realize the depths of her own feelings. This has all happened in a way that Maxie may not even realize what she feels for Spinelli. However, on at least a base level, it has become clear to Maxie, she not only needs, but wants Spinelli around her...alot. Maxie knows that Spin doesn't think someone could love him, and she also knows that when he gives his heart it will be totally. So perhaps Maxie is still figuring all this out for herself and understands Spin's vulnerabilities, so Maxie may be taking it slower with Spinelli than she would under other circumstances.

But make no mistake, wake up and sniff the love in bloom, Maxie is CHASING SPINELLI...


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