Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Shocking Exposé of Bias in Soap Media Polling: Part One

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My Shocking Exposé of Bias in Soap Media Polling: Part One

Soap opera press -- journalism or propaganda pimping machine? The Vixenella gives her spin in a two-part expose published first by Blog Critics online magazine.

I am no Woodward and Bernstein. Heck, I am not even Geraldo Rivera’s belly lint, but Spin’s Vixenella knows agenda-driven media bias when it splatters in her face. What is Spin’s Vixenella ranting about now? The soap industry “press,” a multi-billion dollar a year business with numerous publications dedicated to covering all things soap opera. Are any of them more than a propaganda arm for the networks? Today, Spin’s Vixenella is not so sure, and she wants some answers.
(For the full article, first published by Blog Critics online magazine, click on The Vixenella's Spin icon below.)

VIXENELLA'S VIDEO OF THE DAY: Enjoy a new Spixie mvid from one of The Vixenella's favorite Spixie fans, NewEnglander, an uber talented Spixie mvidder. NewEnglander never fails to capture the mood and essence that is Spixie. Spixie is a classic love story with a spicy twist. With Burning Love, NewEnglander uses the spicy Wyonna re-make of this timeless classic Elvis tune. How wonderful!


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