Monday, April 27, 2009

The Current Ambiguity of Spixie: Another View

What if Maxie IS NOT LYING? Here's an interpretation in small words, logically progressed, consistent with the past year of Spixie & suitable for flow-chart or Power-Point for those requiring visual enhancement.

1. Fact: Maxie has no problem lying. She has said so herself.

2. Lying to Spin at the docks would have been the simplest, easiest, most direct path for Maxie to have avoided her current dilemma.

3. If Maxie is willing to lie now, why didn't Maxie lie to Spin at the docks when he asked her whether she would ever feel about him the way she feels about Johnny.

4. Maxie's non-reply (silence) to Spin at the docks was THE TRUTH, but not the truth proclaimed by JoMax fans. Maxie does not feel about Spin the way she feels about Johnny. Maxie is IN LOVE with Spin, but only superficially physically attracted to Johnny. Spin, like much of the audience, assumed one thing when Maxie's silence meant another. Miscommunication = Lifeblood of soaps.

5. Maxie directly evaded Jason's real question.

6. Maxie THINKS she knows how Spin feels about her, but what SHE thinks is not how Spin feels. Maxie is saying & doing things based on her incorrect assumptions, & Spin is acting on his incorrect assumptions about Maxie's feelings as well. Both THINK they are correct; neither is.

7. Both are acting & reacting based on their own insecurities. Spin is acting based on his belief that he is not hot, in the way he thinks Johnny is. Maxie is acting on her lack of self-esteem believing Spin could not feel as deeply for her as she feels for him.

8. Maxie's comment about "faking the physical" means she is willing to "fake" ONLY physical, superficial desire for Spin, when really SHE feels MUCH MORE; however, Maxie is willing to downplay the depth of her feelings for Spin because now that she has seen Spin's reaction to her with Johnny, Maxie WRONGLY assumes that Spin only wants the physical that Johnny was getting. Jason is correct; that's not fair to either.

9. Underlying ALL of this is Maxie's view of herself. Maxie never believed she would find real, true love, & even if, she did, it would not be returned. Maxie believes her entire self-worth revolves around her sexuality, & she doesn't believe she is "lovable" beyond sexuality.

A careful reading of what has actually been said & done, makes this explanation as plausible as the JoMax interpretation, and at the end of the day, perhaps closer to what will play out on screen.


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