Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Response to Question about Whether Spinelli Will Die at the GH Carnival

When Spin goes, I go. After 30+ years of watching GH, it has come to this for me, Spin is THE ONLY character/story on the current canvas that I have not seen done before and done better.

Bradford Anderson & Damien Spinelli is the perfect pairing of character & actor. I love Spinelli's vulnerabilty & his self-doubt. I love that though he is socially inept, without a suave bone in his body, he is kind, gentle, & genuinely cares for people around him, & notwithstanding his ineptness, the people of PC have taken him in & with few exception treat him with dignity.

Spinelli is the moral compass and "truth-teller" of the canvas. As ridiculous and off-base as he seems to some, there is great depth, truth, & insight to what he says. Unlike many in PC, Spinelli understands forgiveness, and he treats women with respect & decency. He sees life is short, and in his own odd way, he tries to honor life's brevity by going after what he wants, regardless of the likelihood of success or degree of attainability. He knows Maxie is "out of his league" by societal standards, but he loves her with his heart, body, & soul. He wants to spend his life with her, so against all odds, Spinelli has plunged headlong into pursuing that. Is he crazy, naive, & stupid, or is he brilliant, wise, & courageous, or some combo of all of the above. The answer is "I don't know," but the character compels me to keep tuning in to find out.

Spinelli is a deeply fascinating fictional character. The character was purposely designed to be misunderstood in much of what he does and says. I realize this character makes many fans feel uncomfortable because he seems so different & so frustrating compared to stereotypical, stock characters. But, how we as individuals interpret Spinelli has as much to do with how we perceive ourselves as it does with what we think of Spinelli.


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