Monday, May 26, 2008

Geek Meets Chic...First Spixie Promo Debut

*Que the drumroll* Spinelli & his Maximista (Spixie) now have their own 20 second promo running on SoapNet. Geek Meets Chic can be pure SUMMER GOLD for GH!

There are a number of extraordinarily positive aspects about the pairing of Spinelli and Maxie, but the one I would like to most highlight is the unique opportunity General Hospital has to tell a powerful, meaningful long-term story that will resonate with many. While I enjoy many of the GH characters, there is something very special about Spinelli. He is probably emotionally more like the average teenager or young adult than anyone on the GH canvas.

This summer with Spinelli, GH has an important opportunity to demonstrate that brains and sincere goodness are every bit as sexy and attractive as the "hunky bad guy with a chip on his shoulders." Spixie's brilliance is not only might the geeky, nice guy get the girl, he just might get one of the most beautiful young women in Port Charles.

At a time when young people suffer with low self-esteem issues and are literally dying to improve their looks. GH has an important opportunity to make a long-term commitment to a positive, honest, mutually respectful relationship Please General Hospital, do not underestimate the importance and the social impact of a simple story like this.


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