Saturday, May 31, 2008

Me Thinks the Maximista Doeth Protest Too Much

Maxie is saying one thing, but her behavior strongly suggests something else. Are Maxie's feelings for Spinelli truly just those of a friend and brother, or is there something more?

Historically, Maxie is not one to send mixed signals. Maxie is one of the most direct characters on GH, and for the most part, her words match her actions. Maxie's words matched her behavior perfectly when she told Spinelli she didn't think of him as a toy, and then kissed him full in the mouth.

After Ian tried to kill her, Maxie ran into Spinelli's arms and held on to him as if her life depended on it. She perceived Spinelli as her hero, and her words matched her actions when she told the PCPD "Spinelli did most of the saving."

So, how shall we reconcile Maxie's behavior over the past couple months with her words this week indicating she sees Spinelli only as a friend or brother? Atypical for Maxie, but there appears to be dissonance between her "words" and her "behavior." Which should we believe express Maxie's true feeling for Spinelli what she says or what she does? Maybe, that is part of the story.

Sadly, Maxie told Robin she cares too much for Spinelli to have sex with him. Apparently, Maxie has had at least a passing thought about a sexual relationship with Spinelli and discarded the notion. Is Maxie's clear understanding of her own track record holding her back?

Much has been made of Spinelli's "physical make-over." Perhaps some attention should be directed to Maxie's need for an "emotional make-over" before she can grasp the depth of her feelings for Spinelli.

Dig below the surface of what we are seeing and hearing from both Maxie and Spinelli. Could we find the hallmark of a profound, deep love story…dare we hope, told, over the long-term as only the soap genre can?

Vixenella's Video of the Day: Song "Best Friends" by Pearl Baily - From the Disney movie Fox and Hound. Clips courtesy of the Opposite Attraction Fan Forum. Thanks to Soapfankatie for this lovely reminder... regardless of where the road takes Spixie...both Maxie and Spinelli have found "best friends."


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