Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Heart of Spinelli's Maximista

What is Maxie Jones thinking? Where has our gorgeous, classy, budding Maximista gone? Somehow watching Maxie up to her old tricks is more poignant and painful this time. Slowly, like Spinelli, over the past five months, I have been able to see the heart of the Maximista, and I fell in love with the woman Maxie could be. Now this.

Maxie Jones was such a beautiful child, but her heart was literally broken. As a child, it was her precious cousin, Barbara Jean (BJ) who gave her heart to mend Maxie's. Over the years, Maxie has experienced heart ache so many times. The one-two punch, of the horrific murders of both her younger sister and erstwhile boyfriend at the hands of a serial killer, seemed more than Maxie's heart could bear. Enter the hapless hacker, Damien Spinelli. This time it was Spinelli who gave his heart to mend the lovely Maximista's broken one.

Today, it was my heart breaking for Maxie as she shamelessly, recklessly used her body to seduce Lulu's latest boyfriend, Johnny just for spite. Why is Maxie compelled to embarrass and degrade herself by literally throwing herself at Lulu's boyfriend? Last summer, Maxie spiraled down this same self-destructive path with Logan. Over the past five months, Maxie seemed to blossom, growing even through the pain of her loss, and now it is more heartbreaking than ever to watch as Maxie starts her painful cycle of devastation again.

As much as my heart broke for Maxie, I agonized more for Spinelli who watched the beginning of his fabulous Maximista's deconstruction before his very eyes. The heart of Spinelli touched me very deeply today as he demonstrated his understanding and acceptance of Maxie for precisely who she is with all her faults.

Mr. Spinelli, you demonstrated the heart of a mature gentleman who deserves love and respect just the way you are.

Vixenella's Video of the Day: Someone to Watch Over Me sung by Linda Ronstadt. This video about Maxie's tragic quest for love was prepared by Spencerfanfirst/Spikey. Enjoy.


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