Saturday, June 7, 2008

Loving Spixie is Like Loving the Knuckleball...

Spixie's very own Fairy Godmother weighs in! If you never read another Spin's Vixenella Blog, read this one. Today we have a very special guest blogger...known only as Naranja. As some of you may know, I am Spin's Vixenella on the Soap Opera Central GH message board. Day in day out, I am slugging it out in the message board trenches supporting Spinelli & Bradford Anderson, the fabulous actor who brings life to my favorite geek hero.

I'll be honest, we have suffered some setbacks on the road to Spixie romance, and in view of the spoilers, there are more dark days ahead for Spixie. But, just when I think I am on my last Spixie leg with literally no energy left, and no more love to give my favorite GH couple, Naranja magically appears on the SOC GH message board with her deep, beautfiul understanding of Spinelli & Spixie. If I am the Jackal's Cyber-Ninja Defender, Naranja is Spixie's Fairy Godmother, and she has graciously granted my wish for permission to post her recent musings on today's blog. So, sit back, relax, and ENJOY!

Loving Spixie is Like Loving the Knuckleball...

Bear with me. I'm about to show my rabid sports fan roots.

Like Bradford, I'm a wicked Red Sox fan. Partly because of my husband, but also partly because of the hundreds of literary tomes written about the sport and especially the Old Town team. A writer at heart, I love a good story, and baseball inspires so many good stories.

Now, my favorite Red Sox pitcher is not the flashy Pedro Martinez (now with the Mets) or the dominant Josh Beckett or the ruthless Jonathan Papelbon. My favorite pitcher is Tim Wakefield -- the knuckleballer.

The knuckleball is not the prettiest pitch or the most reliable pitch. It's definitely not as fierce or as sexy as the fastball.

As one sportswriter wrote, "The knuckleball is a pitch thrown at a slow speed, without rotation, which darts, dips, dances, jingles and flutters in unpredictable directions, driving major league hitters mad. ... Everything about the knuckleball is unusual and unpredictable. When it works, the erratic flutter of the ball makes it virtually unhittable. But when it doesn't, it's a 65 mph duck, waiting to be smacked out of the ballpark."

But that's exactly what I like about the knuckleball, and what I like about Spixie. They are not predictable, and they are definitely not your typical formula soap couple, at least not the shiny, sexy formula that is so popular these days. Spixie, like the knuckleball, too has their dips and darts, and they have their cringe-worthy moments, and their heart-fluttering moments. (It's all very true to great real-life love stories, actually.)

To throw the knuckleball, you don't have to be the biggest, baddest (or sexiest) pitcher around. You do have to be true to the pitch and pitch it through good times and bad. You also take a little bit of a leap of faith...

While many people love the fastball pitcher because they seem so dominant and throw "the sure thing", I like the knuckleball pitcher because of this little leap of faith -- this idea that you can't always control or don't know what the outcome of your pitch will be.

That's like Spixie too. Their beauty comes from their imperfections, their refusal to fit into a shiny and slick form and rhythm.

To me, Spixie is the best and sexiest couple on the show because they're not just about sex. They're about friendship, romance, and courtly love. They're exaggerated comic relief, and yet they're also among the most human and most real characters on the show. Like the knuckleball, they get the out -- the win! -- because they defy stock roles, standards, and expectations.

Thank you again Naranja for these fabulous hopeful words, just when Spixie fans needed them most, and a special thank you for granting permission to share.

In honor or Spixie's Fairy Godmother, the Vixenella has chosen a Spixie video with a magical theme by one of my favorite Spixie vid-makers, NewEnglander.


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